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whenever i think of two nation theory ...i just fail to understand...why shud kashmir be merged with pak or india after self determination.......why was this self determination funda applied ....ofcorse it was the need of the hour.....but somehow i fail to understand how can any one advocate for the merger especially to pakistan....which i some how still cant accept as a nation......pakistan is just a geographical location which was given to muslims at the time of ugly partition of india in 1947.......
is pakistan a nation?
whats the history of pakistan? do they have a rich history?
while on other hand kashmir [POK+IOK+POGB+AKSAI CHIN] has a rich history of more than 5000 years ......the pre partition kashmir as a nation consists of multi cultures ..multi ethnicities....multi religious...and multi lingual and most importantly....a secular nation....apart from the pandit exodus ....for which i've given my reasons in teh below post....ii feel we teh combined parts of kashmir region can simply rock as a nation....our dtrategic location.....our accessiblity to central asia and china...and what not?

Identity and acknowledgment are important to all human beings, e Identity plays a crucial role in peoples lives and has immense value. Identity matters in social, political and economic contexts, and determine our roles as to who we are and how we relate to other people in society and in the world at large.

Identity could be of two kinds: individual and collective; and both of these are very important. As an individual one can have identity as a male or female. One can also have identity as a writer, teacher, student, actor, engineer, labourer etc. Apart from that one can also have collective identity, for example, being a member of a tribe, ethnic group, region, nation, religion, group etc.

identity for the Kashmiri people, of course, I mean collective identity. In Kashmir (State of Jammu and Kashmir) And when we Kashmiri nationalists promote Kashmiri identity as a separate nation we tend to annoy powerful and aggressive forces which one way or the other control and determine our future.
the topic kashmiriyat
and all these topics are pro people and are highlighted to promote the Kashmiri interest. And by promoting the Kashmiri interest if I annoy some people its price worth paying; and it also means what I write is noticed somewhere. Furthermore it indicates that I am on the right track, and I should not change my course just because of opposition of some people with vested interest.
Identity, in view of some scholars, is self awareness, which means explicit understanding that one exists as a separate being; but at the same time having collective identity- being part of a group, tribe or a nation. The term ‘identity negotiation’ explains about a process in which individuals negotiate the meaning of their identity and their place in a society. Psychologists generally use the notion of identity to describe ‘personal identity’, but Sociologists on the other hand use the term to describe ‘social identity’ to describe group membership....

this identity crisis ..concept struck me lots of times when i was chatting on internet as generaly ppl ask ASL....which means age sex location.......age and sex never created any confusions in my mind....but location always ......i always use to think twice before writing about my place ....what shud i write ? india or kashmir?and most of the times i got hurt while opening an email account....or filling a form on internet ...i cudnt find my nation kashmir in teh country list....adding salt to this chaos...are my friends and family members who work and live in different parts of world....when ever i discuss with them ..they'll always say kashmiris are reffered to as indians or it in britian...america or elsewhere ....

one of my british friends once said it is important that we are recognised as a separate ethnic group that we become visible in Britain. At present we are taken as Pakistanis (or Indians in case of a few hundred families who have come from the Indian side of Kashmir). He says Britain’s Kashmiri Community mainly come from Mirpur, Kotli and Bhimber districts of Azad Kashmir, and predominantly lives in deprived urban areas. It is not a political issue and we don’t want to cause any political rifts. We don’t want our campaign to become part of unprincipled politics of South Asia. To us it is an issue of equality. We want to be treated equally that we can also benefit from the state system. Kashmir National Identity Campaign is spearheading this movement, and in this noble cause some Pakistanis and Indians who believe in equality, and feel that Kashmiris should be recognised as a separate ethnic group support us.
bcoz of this opression from both pakistan and india and identity crisis
We Kashmiris are under achievers in education, employment and business; and over represented in criminal system. local governments serve the local people, and their policies in employment and housing should reflect this reality, but because we are not recognised as a separate ethnic group there are no such provisions for us, and jobs and other resources are taken up by other communities.

our struggle is for national identity of Kashmiris. We want people of Kashmir to be recognised as a separate nation- different from India and Pakistan. Our primary responsibility is to safeguard and promote Kashmiri interest; and if Kashmiris are recognised as a separate group then we can also benefit like other communities settled in Britain’america , europe etc....

all Kashmiris should start and support a campaign, as it will bring us, social, economic and political advantages.

in current scenerio when whole of mulke kashmir of yesteryears is divided on religious grounds......i dont know how we can achieve it....the hindus and sikhs of kashmir are com-pletely in favour of accessio to inida..and some muslims are in favour of accession to pak......ladakhis again divided on religious grounds again.......

where did we go wrong ?is the dream of mulke kashmeer over our movement for a free kashmir only for few parts of muslim dominated kashmir......y cant majority of non muslims of kashmir relate emotions to kashmir the way they relate to india? i dont know whom to blame and whom not to.....but all i can say is due to our selfishness carelessness...cowardness...double standards......etc we have lost our nation and identity..........

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